The ambulance is an emergency vehicle appearing in every Gangstar game since the first in the series. Below are a few pictures of the ambulance in the different games in the Gangstar series. The ambulance in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle and Gangstar Vegas are based upon the Type III Modular TraumaHawk on the Mercedes Sprinter Cutaway Chassis. In Gangstar: Rio, however, the ambulance is based upon a Type II Modular TraumaHawk on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis.

None of the series give the option to turn on the siren on the car. Ambulances are seen driving around the city in every game in the series, but it will not, unlike it will in the Grand Theft Auto series, appear whenever somebody gets killed. Therefore, their emergency lights/sirens are never seen or heard.

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