Gangstar logo 2
Name: Gangstar
Genre(s): Action
3rd person shooter
Series run: 2006-present
First release: Gangstar: Crime City
Latest release: Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar is a series of sandbox-style games released by video game developer Gameloft.


Gameloft first released Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. in November 2008 as a top-down mobile phone game. Gameloft later released a similar game on iOS, as the first true 3D sandbox game on the iPhone. Gameloft later released an improved Gangstar: Miami Vindication with improved graphics and a bigger map. The following game titles were released by Gameloft:


Radio Stations

Their are 17 Radio Stations Gangstar: MV Gangstar: WCH Gangstar Rio: CoS Gangster Vegas: CoS radio station to each ios version and 1 Custom Radio Station.

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