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Gangstar New Orleans
Name: Gangstar New Orleans
Developer(s): Gameloft
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Genre: Third-Person shooter
Series: Gangstar

Gangstar New Orleans is the sixth game of the Gangstar series and the fifth one to be released for iOS and Android. The game is set in New Orleans. Gangstar New Orleans was released in March 2017. It features a lighter, more cartoony theme than the rest of the games in the series.



Handguns are weapons that use operative fusion boosters. All handguns are available as sidearm weapons.


Submachine-guns are weapons that use ranger fusion boosters. All submachine-guns are available as sidearm weapons.


Shotguns are weapons that use bastion fusion boosters. All shotguns, with the exception of the Double Deed are available as primary weapons.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are weapons that use commando fusion boosters. All assault rifles are available as primary weapons.

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