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Jonathan Gainesville
Name: Jonathan Gainesville
Aliases: Johnny
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Drugs Dealing
Family: Joey Gainesville (younger brother)
Allies: Betty
Luis Custodio
Enemies: Clive Click
Victor Vega
Herman Kaye
Monique Jones
Roberto Bolano
Klick Mob
Vega Gang

"Little brother, little brother. What am I gonna do with you? Kicked out school, locked up for some kiddie gangster's shit, and now you're lost in some Miami hell-hole."

Jonathan "Johnny" Gainesville is a major character and the main protagonist of Gangstar: Miami Vindication.


Johnny is a young man on his 20s-30s that looking for his younger brother, Joey Gainesville, who went missing. Johnny heard that he may be in Miami, thus he goes there. Johnny starting to work with many allies and other gangsters like Betty and Roscoe and in order to rescue Joey, who later revealed to be a prisoner of a Hispanic gangster named Victor Vega, but it was all wrong and the mastermind behind this is Clive Click, Johnny's former boss. He later kills them, and Betty and Johnny become a couple.


Johnny is depicted to be very caring of his brother, and goes all out doing jobs for the sake of finding him. He is more "gentlemanly" than the previous protagonists, and only kills people when they antagonise him.


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