The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, or the LVMPD, is the police department that police officers appearing in Gangstar Vegas work for and serve the city of Las Vegas. The LVMPD dispatches officers when the player reaches a Wanted Level. Karen mentions that the police are on Frank Veliano's payroll.


If the player gains a Wanted Level by assaulting civilians, officers, or vehicles, steals a vehicle with somebody inside it, trespasses the military base, or does certain missions, the police will arrive and attempt to stop the player. All police officers and vehicles nearby will stalk the player until the player manages to stay out of the red circle shown on the map for long enough or dies. As the Wanted Level increases, the police will use more aggressive tactics to take out the player, including more vehicles types. Ironically, the police never tries to arrest anyone and instead tries to kill the criminals instead.


The LVMPD owns several different vehicles.

  • Guardian (upgraded Peccary)
  • Eunomia (cruiser)
  • Peltast (modified Mi'kmaq SUV)
  • Damocles (Fruitfly-132 helicopter fitted with gun)
  • Ballistae (S.W.A.T. truck)

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